Saturday, March 7, 2009


I guess since this is a double and there were a few more, it is acutally 103 dogs, but this is my 100th post!  I am really excited!

Any of you who are watching and have not seen a breed you want, I have a lot to go, but I would love it if you emailed me to make suggestions!  Subject: Blog suggestions
I will get right on it!  It helps me prioritize and I will try to give you what you want.

Remember, I DO commissions too!


Patty said...

Congrats!!! I've really been enjoying these! Keep going!

Debra Jones said...

Thank you!
I have a lot of work to do. I try to do a couple a day on slow ones to keep up when I get busy and my personal life has sort of taken charge, so HOPEFULLY I will have a few tonight. I hope people will make suggestions! I have GB's of snaps from the park and dog shows. Sometimes it is hard to know where to START!