Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Cute Little Duo

I just signed up for some temporary space in a Home and Garden permanent expo hall. Until paying vendors pop in, I have a small studio space. As an intro, my art group had a small show and I painted this little oil on site.
It is 11x17" $950 unframed narrow wrapped oil on canvas.


Ritesh said...

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Debra Jones said...

Ritesh has posted a link to another site out of my blog. I might say the post is simply an advertisement on my blog, but there are a few points I do want to stress.... This is a solicitation for a sales position. MAKING pet portraits is exactly the opposite of what I see in this comment. MOST people will actually consider a small and affordable portrait of a beloved pet over a painting of a hairless family member! Buying from a real human being is a lot more secure, you can discuss the process and I also don't deliver until the client is satisfied with the digital photos I send as I go.
There are also many photo altered "PAINTING" styles that you can do on your own computer, with a little patience and the right program. I can only say I am using those antiquated tools of skill and paintbrushes.