Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Colorful Bulldog

This is an older demonstration of my pastel over watercolor.  Most of these samples have been double dogs, but here is a lovely gal, all by herself.


Sally McLean said...

I love this pastel. Your art is all so free and quick. I wish I could loosen up a little!

Debra Jones said...

Thank you Sally!
This is a fun style. If you want to try to loosen, give it a go:
Draw the basic outline on watercolor paper. Take some old acrylics or watercolor and slurp them all over, use the complement under a color, use a darker adjacent and scrub them with a coarse house paint brush. When you draw over it, you find a lot more freedom. Never do a critical piece, just play.
I do a workshop on the style and everyone is so afraid of failing! Enjoy the possibility of success and you will NEVER fail!

Sally McLean said...

OOOO! Thankyou for the tips I am gonig to have a play with your technique!