Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ridgeback Sketch

I was running out of time and dashed off this soulful Rhodesian Ridgeback. A much better and detailed painting is due this handsome boy, but this is all I have today:


keysper said...

Hi Debra it's been awhile since I was on site.Sounds like a confession doesn't it.Last time was about altered states and Pharaoh Hounds. Now Ridgebacks. We have 5 of them at the moment.The Mum and Dad had 8 baby girls.We kept 3 of them I'll post you some photos later.In relation to the comment on portrait of Ridgey. More is less.Less is best.Please keep up the good work Regards Keith.

keysper said...

More is Less. Less is best. In regards to to your own comment.Regards Keith.