Saturday, May 22, 2010

You can buy these....

Today I went into mass merchandising.
I have been making high quality images of my "Runnin' Dogs", those great ones playing with their balls and frisbees etc. Through Fine Art America, I am trying to market smaller sized prints which you can buy on paper or canvas to decorate your home.
They also offer note cards.
I can't really afford the inventory of printing, storing and shipping these to people who are interested, so I have started small.... BUT if you want one of your favorites, email me either through their site (there is a link in the corner) or drop me a line and I will make the most requested ones available on the site.

I am HOPING this will make all of us happy. It is a hard thing to limit myself only to original art in this economy, so click on over and see what you think....

Art Prints


sue said...


Stupidly I hadn't focussed on the fact you have a blog and usually see your work on Mels Pet Portrait forum. I'm now a follower so look forward to watching your latest ventures. I'm a huge fan of all your work :o)

Good luck with sales on Fine Art America !!

Debra Jones said...

Wow Sue! Thanks so much. I have been trying to focus myself, which is unfortunately going all directions at once! I have slowed way down on pets, as I am trying to get people in the picture, but EVERY single animal I paint will be here. I have another blog or two that will hear me whining about the rest! Thanks for your note!