Thursday, August 12, 2010

Horsey Hug

Yup, these are some of the big doggies out here!
I have a few requests for horse portraits and am very happy to do them. Because I am a bit busier doing other projects, I am going to only post commissions or whims from now on. I have found the many irons in my fire are starting to heat up!


sue said...

Beautiful work dj :o)

Ida M. Glazier said...

This is the best horse composition of 2 horse-friends I have ever seen. Love the feeling in this, and the faces are great!! The color, too. I have horses and draw and paint them alot---but don't feel I have acheived anything this nice. Love it.

pett paintings said...

This is lovely DJ! you are a master with watercolour fab tonal contrasts and sweet composition xx

Debra Jones said...

Thank you all!
I have just started moderating, and it is delightful to see ENGLISH! I had a rash of inscrutable posts, so I was shocked to see these.

The client is having a hard time deciding if I got it, or not and we have a lot of time until Christmas. Look for a final update later!