Saturday, November 13, 2010

YES, I am crazy.

NO! You may not get one of these!!
This is literally only 5"x7". I am doing a special favor for a returning client. I DON'T do multiple subjects in the Holiday special pricing (even though you add 50% more for each added subject) but to see if I COULD this is a double portrait in black and white....
I start multiple portraits and my regular pricing at 8x10".
Now I have to see if I can get my eyeballs screwed in right again!


sue said...

Brilliant DJ

When you say 'black & white' is this graphite/charcoal or black & white paint?

Debra Jones said...

This is charcoal on gray paper. I pretty well group drawing of any single color in the black and white. I do silver and copper point, but because they are drawings in precious metal, I charge more. They didn't catch on, as they LOOK a lot like hard graphite pencil. It is an acquired taste.
This piece and my recent Great Dane are charcoal and white charcoal. The two dogs done earlier are simple graphite drawing.

sue said...

Thanks for the explanation - its very effective. Beautiful work