Saturday, December 18, 2010

Another Memorial

One of my donation pieces... a little too late.
(HINT TO PEOPLE: Get the painting when you think of it. Enjoy your art AND your best friend so you don't cry when you get the painting...)
It has been an emotional season for me and too many of my pieces are memorials. Makes me very sad. BUT the good news is that the art is always of happy times.


Dorothy said...

I see your work when I click on the site from the twitter comment. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your animal portraits!

I did portraits of children for years, but not anymore. Did one cat portrait for a good friend just as a present, but never tackled animals as commissions. Love 'em, though.

sue said...

Hear Hear Debra!

and I would add that you should be sure to take lots of photos throughout your pet's life ... there is nothing worse than trying to create a memorial picture of somebody's deceased 'best friend' from terrible ref photos! It is distressing for the artist as well as the owner

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful, so fresh!

As a pet owner I might add: get someone to take some nice pics of your WITH your pet too - it surprised me that I had NONE when we lost one of our dogs a while back.