Sunday, November 22, 2009

Change of Species

From a photo donated as reference to a group of artists, I did this little Maine Coon as a demonstration, first for a very festive wine tasting and then finished Saturday at an outdoor festival. More dogs to come as Christmas nears, but even kitties need a little representation as gifts!


Pragya said...

Oh Debra!!
Your work is exquisite!!!
So glad I discovered your blog :)

Debra Jones said...

Thank you Pragya. I am so sorry, I didn't make it a year. Thanksgiving will be my deadline. I have a very weird plan to ambush a bunch of potential customers and see how many I can drum up over the Thanksgiving weekend. At any rate I see no end in site at the blog, just missed my goal by day 365. And those pesky cats! keep popping in from everywhere!

Donna B said...

What a wonderful treat to find your blog. Your work is incredible!! This cat is precious! Do you use watercolor? What is your training?
What is your technique? I am following you to keep tabs on your work! I just rescued a female terrier mix....this animal art is looking right into the particular animal's soul!! Absolutely breathtaking!