Saturday, November 7, 2009


I did a rescue group - Valley Dogs - this evening, and wanted to be prepared. This is Max. the son of the organizer. And that teeny green is the TENNIS ball in his mouth. Rescues are the best, but I am going to have a very hard time labeling this one... some Sharpei, some Mastiff????


mwest said...

This is my Max. He is an English Bull Dog / Shar Pei mix. This scene (him and his ball) was from his first day in a safe home. He was found on the streets with a rope tied around his neck. He was a street fighter. Now he is a lover and raises the puppies we foster. Thanks for your support of the event. Michael

Debra Jones said...

Michael! So good to see you! You are among the very first of my Holiday patrons. The blog is going to gear up with two more of your rescues when I get a chance to unload the car from my demo work! I appreciate your support and am a soft touch for rescue groups! You are quite welcome.