Monday, October 4, 2010

Leonard, probably done.

I have a bad habit of being hyper focused. When I get a commission and have the times, I lock my knees in front of the easel and paint for up to 18 hours at a time and then burn out.
Leonard was a bit of a binge. I am happy as is, but I will probably live with him a little and see if I really want to add the background (I suppose the client will make that decision for me) but for today, he is complete.


sue said...

He's gorgeous Debra.

Hope you can put your feet up this evening!!

pett paintings said...

OMG Debra this is a wonderful painting Leonards owner is in for a real treat I doubt they will want any changes it is perfect as it is!

Angela Finney said...

I just love him!!! Not only because I love bulldogs and had one that looked alot like him, but because your draughting and light are superb! It is amazing to me that you have not marked a horizon line, yet the perspective of the dog makes one where there is none. The colors are wonderful, beautiful.

Debra Jones said...

Thank you all!
I am officially RESTING him. It grows on me more and more as is, but the owner will take one more look and decide if it needs a background. If not, I smooth the rough edges and let it dry enough for a varnish for Christmas.

We have started Lay-away, remember that kids? I am going to take payments, which is really nice for me. Predictable income, for a change. Another reason for people NOT to put off owning art.