Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Double Portrait (removed for surprise!)

This is an experiment. I am posting away from my computer, but I do understand that I can edit this if I get home and find a mess...
Anyway, I finished a piece on the road and may have a few changes (including adding my red DOT for a sale, but I must say, painting on the road is a really great way to travel!!

****I have edited this until after Chrismas, a it is a gift and I hope the recipient did not see it yet!!! ******

This is from the same day at the park. Here is Scrappy. One of the most absolutely adorable dogs I have met in my park days. He is a doxy mix and I believe it is Sharpei. LONG LOW body, big intellegent head! All of my reference photos had him sailing in the air and literally flying in play.


Bill_J said...

Wow, Debra! You painted this whilst on the move?! Amazing. I bet that journey passed quickly? Great composition in this piece. Love it.

Debra Jones said...

Well, Bill and I are the only ones who know... I will probably re-post this on Christmas. I hate to ruin a surprise. I actually have a few in the pile I can't post yet! Darn it!!!
When I hear they are happy and delivered, I will have a few faces to cover the festive week around the holidays!

Debra Jones said...

The piece is now my Christmas day post. Bill jumped my own gun and posted before I thought about spoiling the surprise so you can jump ahead to see the painting on the 25th!