Friday, December 26, 2008

The IG Friend of the Min-Pin.

With the festivities subsided, the quiet week between holidays begins.  I know I split them for the much more cuddly Christmas gift, so I will reunite the buddies by posting my  Italian Greyhound, second dog in the set I delivered on Christmas eve.


Anonymous said...

With such beautiful artwork I am not at all surprised to see so many red 'sold' spots on your portraits. Well done dj

Debra Jones said...

Well, in all honesty....although the first idea was to offer for sale, in the Christmas rush, most of the work was PRE-sold. Now that the season is over, I expect to have more to offer online for potential purchase!

Thank YOU Nutty, for inspiring me to do a DOG ONLY site. This blog will keep me honest and I can do other work in my spare time.... HA ha ha ha ha!