Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Real Treasure

This is Treasure.  A Giant Schnauzer who left the world two nights ago.  Her owner had asked a week earlier about a portrait and while we discussed photos, they decided it was time to end the illness that was slowlyt aking her energy away.
When I heard the news, I started it the night before last and finished it on Tuesday morning.  I am happy they will have this memory, even if it is only a memory.


K9-CRAZY said...

It's a beautiful thing to remember her by. I've been enjoying your blog but am a bit sad to see the watermarks... hopefully that wasn't for a reason that made it necessary.

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful giant. I was so sorry to hear about Treasure, but delighted to see her picture on here.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

Giant hugs to you!


Debra Jones said...

Thank you both!
Watermarks.... I am trying to keep them as low-key as possible. I have had lots of my friends alert me to the "Orphan Art" action pending here and there, that if art is floating around with no discernible owner, others may copyright and profit from it. I have HOPEFULLY not had any pilferage, but in the future, I have plenty already floating around online. I hope to save these images and possibly reproduce them. With the watermarks, I am only making it a little easier for ME to do that, not strangers.