Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bichon Diamond

I have been seriously promoting my little diamonds. For $85, they are complete... no framing needed, two inches deep and 5" square. Little decorative goodies a little bit different than my usual.
My favorite vet is working with me to do a lot of their rescue dogs and if the adopter wants a painting of the family member before all the love, they can purchase it for a 50% donation to the charity and 50% to me. Nice way to give $42.50 to the gang and have something REALLY nice to show off!


Martina Ã…kerman said...

Love your blog, and I am a follower!
Are these made on Watercolor Canvas? I was at the art supply store and saw this "new" (?) item, watercolor canvas as well as watercolor boards, and am very curious about them.
Love your work by the way!

Debra Jones said...

If you go back a while to my bloodhound head, I did it all on watercolor canvas. I found it ... well CHALLENGING. NO porosity but it had some interesting qualities. These minis are regular pre-stretched canvases, but they are plain gesso. Not a smooth, hard, shiny acrylic. When you go for a canvas with watercolor, be very aware it puddles badly, wipes RIGHT back off and if you are good at moving fast and pretty dry, you will get very loose results. I imagine it has some similar qualities to Yupo paper.