Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I have to admit, I don't have a breed for this one, but it is a perfect sniffer. Good ears, straight tail and something worth drawing a deep breath for!


artbyjune said...

That is good, Debra.

Yasemin said...

Beautiful blog! Beautiful idea! Great dogs! And your paintings are amazing! This is my fist comment I guess but I visit your blog almost every day and I enjoy every one piece. This is especially good. Bright and pure colors, minimum detail but great composition. I would like to try a pet portrait some day and your paintings will inspire me. Every portrait is so unique here... Congratulations!

Debra Jones said...

Thank you. I like this sort of dog piece. I did a Bichon back in January if I remember properly, that has the same low contrast, high color change going. As black is rarely used to make a realistic black, I love pouring color into white. It makes it glow.