Sunday, October 25, 2009

Got a problem...

I am on a little break because I have a problem.
In this economy, I am a happy, marginal painter, making a living but not much of a profit and I now have a sick cat.

I am going to have a few paintings that I am trading to his vet for what the diagnosis and testing, and probable medication to control it are, but he has a tumor on his thyroid. EASY treatment of three days with radiation. Cat comes out fine and a bit radio-active, but it kills only the tumor and the procedure has a 99% success!

Problem is .... got no cat insurance and no spare income.

So, if any of you want to get a running jump on the holidays, and ease the panic attack of your friend, the blogger, NOW is the time to order your portraits.

Half joking half serious. I am scrambling for the extra income as the procedure is not cheap.

So.... while we are on a short break for my minor breakdown, lets let let YOU resist this demanding feline!!
(no not art, the real cat....)


Sally McLean said...

All the best with your beautiful cat Debra!

Debra Jones said...

I am learning a lot about Feline HyperThyroidism and some vets are great at trade and others... well I am working on marketing a lot.
BUT I have to finish my charity piece and we have a 6 dog monsterpiece coming, so I promise more.... we may be doing some NON-DOGS too, but nothing is forever... sorry and THANK YOU FOR YOUR GOOD WISHES!
HE will be fine. I WILL be a mess!