Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Two Bullie Buddies

I took this photo last year and I have thought and thought about how to paint it. I needed a subject for my second State Fair demo in watercolor and pulled out a 16x12" piece of watercolor and did this tonight as my demo. There may be a bit more detailing, but really, I am very happy with it as is!


Robin J Mitchell said...

I love the Bulldogs!

Debra Jones said...

THANK YOU ROBIN! I have been looking for the last few weeks wondering what that #60 follower would look like!
Sorry I am lagging on the postings, but I got busy doing other things and am exhausted. Something like this was a real energizer!

Carol Nelson said...

This is so well done on many levels. Color, composition - great. That collar is awesome.

Debra Jones said...

Thank you, Carol!
I think the whole difference when I do these larger demonstration pieces is the showmanship I want to bring from a pencil sketch that I bring to the venue and the zam bam finish. I suppose I should treat them all like performances?