Monday, October 5, 2009

Simon, the Welsh Springer Spaniel

This is a real trip down memory lane! I think I did this portrait about 6 years ago. Simon's Dad was on my client list and came to a recent show, with a sweet white faced senior citizen doggie in tow. And it was Simon! A shy but very lovable dearheart, had some better social skills but I was shocked at how my friend had matured. Glad to have captured him at his handsome best!


Angela Finney said...

This is gorgeous! I love it.

Angela Finney said...

P.S. What kind of pastel paper did you use? And, what size is it? Thanks alot.

Debra Jones said...

Having a slow start this morning! Thank you Angela. It is on suede mat board! My most favorite support for pastels. It was a 14"x11" board. They hung it at the cafe where I used to paint for years until it was closed. Simon was my mascot!